Welcome to Rehab; the place where you can turn that dream of funding your fix and flip business into reality. Complete the application below, hit the submit  button and you're on your way to financing your rehab or buy and hold property.  One of our loan counselors will contact you to discuss your situation.  Let's get you started.

At US Commercial, we have a wide variety of rehab products.  Why not just have one product and go with that you may ask? Simple; all borrowers aren't the same and can't meet the same requirements.  Some have cash to put down, some need as much as 90% financing and others need something in between. We offer rehab products that most everyone can use.  The more skin in the game the borrower has, the better the rate and points.


US Commercial, LLC is a BROKER of fix and flip money.  We don't lend our own money, but will work with you throughout the entire loan process, from application to close to ensure you're getting the right product for your situation.  We don't work with private lenders, in large part, because we've seen private lenders run out of money at the most inopportune times.  Our institutional wholesale lenders have deep pockets, specific guidelines and allow us to charge fees that are more than competitive.

US Commercial, LLC loans strictly to entities, not individuals and for commercial, business purposes.  All loans require a personal guarantee.  No loans on any of our products will be extended for a consumer purpose that includes primary or secondary residences.All borrowers are required to state, in writing, their intent to apply for a business purpose loan and sign a "Business Purpose and Occupancy Statement" prior to closing, certifying that the property is and will be used for business purposes and that the borrower is not and will not occupy or claim the property as a primary or secondary residence.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

A very popular product these days is the "fix and flip."  Here are the numbers in a nutshell:

  • Up to a 70% ARV
  • Only 10% down
  • We'll finance up to 90% of the purchase price depending on experience
  • 100% of the renovation costs and 100% of the closing costs

Here are some particulars:

  • First time flippers are accepted
  • We offer this product in 38 states including MD, DC, VA, SC, NC, FL, GA with more coming on line in the near future.  
  • This is institutional hard money and has a credit requirement for the borrower.  If you have a bankruptcy, foreclosure or collections that exceed $1,000 in the last 12 months, you are not eligible.
  • The minimum credit score requirement for these programs is 600.  Your score may affect your rate and points and other factors (whether you have to go full doc or stated and a cash reserve requirement).
  • Under this program, a borrower's credit can not reflect any foreclosures, collections or bankruptcies in the last 12 months.
  • In all cases, the minimum loan amount is $75,000.
  • There are cash reserve requirements, depending on the product ARV, that range from 2 to 6 months payments.

That's a lot of information to digest so let's boil it down:

  • The Pros:  In many instances, we offer up to 90% financing for your rehab.
  • The Cons:  If you don't get a really good deal on the house, you will exceed the LTV requirement and have to come out of pocket or we may ask you to come to the table with part of the purchase.  Not really a big problem for most, but for some, it may be a barrier to completing the deal and that could be a good thing for everyone involved.  

Also, 90% financing is not cheap.  Let's be honest here, these are considered BUSINESS PURPOSE LOANS and they are not for homeowners or for the investor's primary residence.  Being an entrepreneur or a real estate investor is not for everyone.   

If you have beat up credit and we are financing your rehab with 90% of our money, the interest rate will not be remotely close to Fannie Mae rates, the points will be closer to 1980's sub-prime rates and there are fees involved.  

  • BPO's (we don't just take your word for the value)
  • Credit and background check (we don't lend to felons)
  • Inspection fees for draws
  • Processing fees.  

None of these are junk fees but are for services rendered.  Know that these fees exist and expect to pay them.  It's the cost of doing business.  We don't make money on the fees.  We get paid for performance.  The only thing we ask for up front are the appraisal and credit report fee.  If you don't close, we don't get paid.

Call your US Commercial representative today at 202-491-6461 to discuss your particular situation so they can tailor the loan product to suit your needs.

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