We've come to the part of the dance where the lights are low and things are getting a little serious.  "What's the next step?" and "What happens next?" are the most frequently asked questions.

First, complete the Prequalification forms on the other pages.  Then, complete the Borrower's Signature Authorization and the Credit Report Order form right here on our secure web portal.  That starts the ball rolling.

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Complete the prequalification by filling out the form and clicking "Apply Now".  It's interactive.  Just fill in the blanks (all of them) and click "Apply Now".  It's that simple.
  2. Complete the US Commercial Borrower's Signature Authorization.  That allows us to order your credit.  
  3. Complete the US Commercial Credit Report Order Form by filling out the credit card information form.
  4. After we get this information, your loan becomes less generic and we have to request specific documents; purchase agreements, bank statements, operating income statements, etc...It depends on your particular situation. It's up to underwriting.
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